NINFA GARDEN: 2019 Opening dates and reservations

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NINFA GARDEN: 2019 Opening dates and reservations

NINFA GARDEN: reopens to the public a splendid example of medieval architecture and poetry Natural Monument by the Lazio Region.

Re-opens to the public the  Garden of Nymph . From April to October resume guided tours to the oasis created by the family  Caetani  on the ruins of the medieval city.

Good news for lovers of nature and spectacular scenery. The Garden of Ninfa is open to the public only on certain dates established by the entrance regulated exclusively through guided tours in order to preserve its delicate environmental balance.

The garden of Ninfa was declared a Natural Monument by the Lazio Region  in 2000 to protect the historic garden of international repute, the habitat consists of the Ninfa River, the surface of the lake formed by it and the surrounding areas that make up the natural protective frame of ‘entire complex, in which also includes the Natural Park Pantanello, opened December 15, 2009.

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