History of Relais Villa Giulia Hotel

Boutique Hotel
in the Heart of Rome

Via Giulia dates back to 1500th by the hand of Donato Bramante who traced the route by the will of Pope Julius II, from whom the road takes its name and that will become the very symbol of the Renaissance. Naturally, on this route there were already medieval and Roman constructions that will be combined in the new factories, in fact, the building in question that rises at the civic number 93, is the result of this building evolution. In the preliminary study of the restoration, the presence of two elements dating back to the Middle Ages was subsequently modified and reunited, as they appear today. On the façade of Via Giulia, which dates back to the first half of the sixteenth century, the coat of arms of Pope Paul III flanked by two Liocorni dominates in the middle and on the sides of the central window emerge the coat of arms of Ottavio Farnese on the right and that of Alessandro Farnese on the left. window of the upper floor at the center of a circular niche placed a bust whose face has undergone a modified perhaps at first portrayed Mercury and later a third launch of the Farnese family. Above the frame of the windows of the ground floor and the mezzanine, the mirrored laces are decorated with mythological animals and floral ornaments. The design of this façade attributed not supported elsewhere, has several authors including: Sangallo the Younger, Durante Duranti and Guglielmo della Porta; evolved presumably by an act of gratitude to Pope Paul III and to the Farnese family.

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